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Dr. McCartney provides the most pain-free care I have received in my 50 years of chiropractic care. Dr. McCartney is compassionate and easily explains the issues and how to resolve these. His office offers many options for pain relief and preventive care. He is definitely personable and the best health care provider in the area!


Dr. Matthew and his staff are great with state of the art practices. He has made it a pleasure to get in quick when you have a back problem. By working with Matt, he has eliminated my constant back issues.


-Norma Johnson


I had a great experience with Dr. McCartney , I was in a lot of pain and I feel so much better so quick.


-Jean Watson


My experience with this facility is nothing more then perfect. The staff here is very kind and always in a very good mood. Dr McCartney is well educated and is very confident with all of his adjustments. He also will listen carefully to your concerns and questions and give you the best detailed answers on to why your having those symptoms. All around a good facility and practice. I would recommend any way of any age, to give them a try!


-Freddy Taylor


I have been going to Dr. McCartney for nearly 2 years. At first I was skeptical because I've been to many chiropractors and have been disappointed.Dr. McCartney was friendly and listened. He was conscientious during the first adjustment to see if each maneuver was beneficial and kindly listened to my feedback. This same care and concern has been given on each visit. 

I would (and have) definitely recommend Dr. McCartney to anyone looking for a chiropractor.


-John Maurice


Been treated by Dr. McCartney for a few years ,A+++ Chiropractor.


-William Wagonner


After pulling my hamstring my friend referred me to Dr. McCartney. I have been extremely happy with the staff and treatment I have received from Dr. McCartney and am well on my way to recovery. Whether it is a routine adjustment or recovering from an injury, I highly recommend McCartney Family Chiropractic!


-Adel Ayad


I was new to Lapeer Area and my mom recommended Dr McCartney.  He has helped me greatly at least 3 times in the past 6 months with my neck, spasms, etc.  He is very fast to find the problem, compassionate, and I can feel results immediately.  He even gave me specifics stretches to do at home to help speed up the recovery of my spasms.  

I have never felt uncomfortable with any member of their staff.  There is another chiropractor who works in the same office and he also helped me when Dr McCartney was not in. The Best part:  They have always been able to work me in the same day!


-Julie Parker


I have been going to Dr. McCartney for a couple of months now and I must say, I regret not trying this before! I have had bad back pain since I was 16 due to basketball and I had tried everything from frequent massages to physical therapy but nothing seemed to be helping. I finally decided I was going to try going to a chiropractor (even though the idea of my back and neck being cracked freaked me out). I found Dr. McCartney on Yelp and made my first appointment. I explained the issues I had been having and immediately Dr. McCartney knew what to do. I started off going pretty often but after only a few months I feel no pain in my back or neck! It's the biggest relief considering I've been dealing with this for the last 6-7 years. I told Dr. McCartney on my first visit how scared I was for my back and neck to be cracked and he really listened and coached me on what to do and when he was going to do it. I got used to my back being cracked but not going to lie the neck took me a little getting used to. I would highly recommend Dr. McCartney to anyone looking for a chiropractor in Lake Orion! The staff is very friendly too. Every time I walk in I feel comfortable and welcomed. Thank you Dr. McCartney and staff!


-Dana Kowolski


Dr.McCartney treated me for major migraines and upper back pains due to the horrible migraines I have endured through the years. On the very first visit I noticed a significant change after the visit the feelings of the headaches were gone. I went from living with daily migraines to zero. He is a blessing to me. He is very caring and friendly and communicates with the entire treatment plan and he made me feel like there is hope. I was very comfortable and I know that when I wake up I have no fear of a migraine. I would recommend Dr. McCartney to anyone that suffers from chronic headaches. I can finally see that there is a light at the end of this horrible dark tunnel thanks to Dr. McCartney! Five stars


-Edna Martinez


After suffering a bad back injury, I've been seeing Dr. McCartney for a few months. My back is a ways away from being completely pain free but it has improved quite a bit since I started coming. Dr. McCartney is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I was being followed by another chiropractor before and he didn't provide this much attention and care as Dr. McCartney.Dr. McCartney is great! I've been coming here for quite some time now and he always helps me out and makes me feel better.  I am normally just a maintenance person, popping in whenever I need a quick adjustment (they are always flexible with my schedule), but through my time here he has helped with multiple muscle spasms, knee issues and even my planter fasciitis.  I would, and have, recommended Dr. McCartney to anyone looking to feel better.


-Violet Foley


This is a long overdue review.  Last July I injured my back in a car accident and I saw Dr. McCartney for the injury. Dr. McCartney himself is  simply AMAZING, and I can’t stress this enough, AMAZING!  I came here for over 6 months, and every time I left I felt better and like I was ready to take on the world. I have been scared of chiropractors in the past because I always left feeling more injured than when I walked into an office, but at Dr. McCartney's I have never felt better.  After 6 months, I am back at the gym, 75% better than when I started, and will definitely be going back for occasional cracks.  If you need a chiropractor, this is the place to go!


-Angela Dorothy


I have been a patient of Dr. McCartney for just under a year now. I had never been to a chiropractor before, until now. Luckily, I have found the best!

I came into Dr McCartney’s a little skeptical. I work 50 to 60 hours a week, & I am truly hard on my body. Dr McCartney was able to identify the problem areas and recommend a game plan to get those areas back in shape. I took the first adjustment and now I am a believer. I have had at least 15-20 adjustments and can feel the progress that has been made.

Initially, I was scared but McCartney took the time to properly explain the procedures, and always gave me a warning prior to my adjustments, especially my neck. He is super friendly, knowledgeable and has a great approach with his patients. Just his presence makes you feel at ease. After his adjustments you leave feeling great. All in all Michigan Chiropractic is 5 stars.


-Steve Morgan


Dr. McCartney is the best! I have never felt so happy with my visits. I had been having neck and back problems for a while and my doctors never could seem to help me with it. I was skeptical at first about chiropractic care, but after my first appointment, I am a firm believer! I felt like I was given a new neck and back. I was able to rotate my neck and my back pain at night went away. Scheduling an appointment is a breeze, the whole staff is amazing! If I didn't move across the country, I would still be seeing them every week. This was a great chiropractic office when my neck was in need.  Definitely recommend.


-Mark Castillo


I started going to Dr. McCartney for maintenance back adjustments after a year long hiatus from my other chiro.  During my initial consultation with Dr. McCartney I brought up how I've been dealing with horrible plantar fasciitis pain the last 7-8 years.  He offered direct treatment, with a potential high pain disclaimer.  LOL I decided to go for it because I was at the point where I'd try anything.  After 2-3 months of treatment I'm 90% pain free.  I go on long runs, play sports, do cross fit...still nearly pain free!  Amazing!!  I highly recommend him.


-Paula Fishman




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